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GW Engineering offers on-site programs internationally. 

A'Sharqiyah University - Ibra, Oman



Gain a global engineering perspective and build an international network, while boosting your skills and career prospects!

The joint Master's Degree in Engineering Management offered by The George Washington University and A'Sharqiyah University in Sultanate of Oman empowers you with the advanced technical management skills needed to solve real-world problems. Establish yourself as a globally-minded technical leader through this unique program that combines business, technology, and engineering. Taught by leading faculty at two of the world’s most respected universities, you can earn your Master's degree in just two years while immediately applying what you learn to your career. This is an opportunity to experience another culture, be exposed to new ideas and approaches in your field, and set yourself apart from your peers.

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EMSE 6001 Management of Technical Organizations
Introduction to management theory and practice for engineers advancing to leadership and engineering management roles.

EMSE 6005 Org Behavior for Engineering Manager
Individual and group behavior in the context of technical organizations, focused on relationships and interactions within an organization’s operating activities. Individual and group development and motivation. Organizational structures and cultures.

EMSE 6020 Decision Making with Uncertainty
Problem formulation. Concepts and techniques used in analyzing complex decision problems. Modeling decision problems using decision trees, probability models, multi-objective models and utility theory.

EMSE 6035 Marketing Analytics for Design Decisions
Analyzing data to inform design decisions in an uncertain, competitive, market, topics include consumer choice modeling, programming in R, survey design, conjoint analysis, optimization market simulation, and professional communication skills. Recommended background: This course requires prior exposure to probability theory, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, and regression; experience with the R programming language is beneficial but not essential.

EMSE 6070 Management of Research & Development
Seminar on readings and classic and contemporary case studies in the strategic management of innovation and technology.

EMSE 6099 Problems in Engineering
Capstone project providing the opportunity to apply concepts and tools previously studied to the solution of a real-world problem. Students work in small groups on a problem proposed by students and approved by the instructor. Restricted to master’s candidates in the department, preferably during the last semester of their program.

EMSE 6410 Survey of Finance & Engineering Economics
How time value of money is used to make engineering project investment choices given competing options; life-cycle financial analysis of engineering projects. Traditional engineering economy topics applicable to managing technical organizations. 

EMSE 6505 Knowledge Management
The foundations of knowledge management, including cultural issues, technology applications, organizational concepts and processes, management aspects, and decision support systems. Case studies. 

EMSE 6580 Information and Software Engineering
Introduction to analysis and design of information systems including requirements analysis, project management, and software architectures. Introduction to CASE tools.

EMSE 6820 Program & Project Management
Problems in managing projects; project management as planning, organizing, directing, and monitoring; project and corporate organizations; duties and responsibilities; the project plan; schedule, cost, earned-value and situation analysis; leadership; team building; conflict management; meetings, presentations, and proposals.

EMSE 6825 Project Cost & Quality Management
Developing project cost and resource estimates during the planning stages. Monitoring, forecasting, and controlling cost throughout the project life cycle. Project quality planning, assurance, and control. Relationships among project scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, procurement, and risk.

EMSE 6992 Special Topics: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Acquire proven negotiation skills by using real world case studies, learning a broad spectrum of theories underlying negotiating approaches, and put their learning into practice. Discover a framework for understanding and addressing the challenging emotional dynamics that arise in everyday negotiations and conflicts. Students gain the tools for early recognition of unhealthy conflict, accurately diagnosing its causes and developing effective communication-based intervention strategies.

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For more information about the program contact: 
Dr. Ali Istanbullu
Assistant Professor of Construction Management 
+968 2540 1207 
+968 9954 6394
[email protected]


Ahlia University - Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

GOSI Complex, Manama
GOSI Complex, Manama

The GW Engineering Online Programs Office partners with Ahlia University in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer the Master of Science in Engineering Management on-site in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Students admitted to this program take the same curriculum offered at the main GW campus in Washington, D.C., in a weekend format. Expert on-site administration by Ahlia University is supported by the GW Engineering Online Programs office. 

For more information about the program contact: 
Dr. Salah AI Hamad
[email protected]
Ms. Zainab Alghasra
[email protected]