Master’s Degree Programs


The problems faced by today’s technology-based organizations demand sophisticated professionals with the right multi-disciplinary tool sets. Driven, aspiring leaders like you know the importance of considering technical, organizational, business, and information security issues at all stages of a project. The George Washington University Online Engineering Programs can empower you to address these sizable challenges.  Whether your passions lie in high technology management and leadership, innovation and company creation, R&D, Cybersecurity, or Electrical Engineering, a GW online engineering Master’s degree can be your foundation for new opportunities. These opportunities can also come in many forms, be it academic research and development, innovating in the private sector, or using your skills and knowledge for government entities. Regardless of your interests and career goals, our online engineering degree programs can open doors and advance your career in nearly any field, in any setting, anywhere in the world.

By pursuing a Master’s degree, you can enjoy the many professional and personal benefits of graduate education, including:

  • Contributing to your organization’s innovation and growth
  • Proving your advanced knowledge, widening your career path and its trajectory
  • Increasing your levels of influence, expertise, and responsibility
  • Earning higher compensation and job stability

To learn more about our online Master’s programs, please click the links provided below.

Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance
Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Analytics 
Master of Engineering in Cloud Computing Management 
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering Management
Master of Science in Systems Engineering


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