Hamza Alsarhan, D.Eng.

Headshot Hamza Alsarhan

Hamza Alsarhan, D.Eng.

Department: Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Dr. Hamza F. Alsarhan is an Adjunct Professor at the George Washington University teaching courses in cybersecurity and applied machine learning. He has held various leadership roles across different industries, including renewable energy and financial services. Dr. Alsarhan currently serves as the Vice President of Customer Experience and Programs at Unirac, Inc., a renowned solar racking manufacturer. In this role, he leads cross-functional teams in customer experience, marketing, programs, services, and software product management. Prior to his tenure at Unirac, Dr. Alsarhan played a pivotal role in pioneering the digital lending line of business. Serving as the Director of Digital Lending at Global Lending Services, he forged partnerships with major national banks and digital marketplaces, contributing significantly to the company's growth and strategic direction. His professional journey also includes valuable contributions as a Financial Engineer on the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities team at Moody's Analytics and as an iOS & QA Engineer at iDialogs, a healthcare tech startup.

Dr. Alsarhan holds a D.Eng. in Engineering Management from the George Washington University, a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) and a B.E. in Computer Engineering from Dartmouth College, as well as a B.A. in Computer Science from Middlebury College. Additionally, Dr. Alsarhan serves as the Vice President of the Dartmouth Society of Engineers.