About Us


The George Washington University’s Online Graduate Engineering programs are some of the largest and longest-running in the United States. They are a proud and ongoing part of the university’s 130-year history of innovation in engineering.

The GW Online Engineering Programs are recognized internationally as providing invaluable, relevant knowledge in the areas employers demand most. This helps create engineers who can lead effectively and think broadly about any challenge they face. Our goal is to support your professional success. We strive to meet your needs by offering flexible schedules with weeknight and weekend classes, as well as part and full-time enrollment options.

Historical Background

Since 2000, the George Washington University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science Online Programs Office has brought higher education programs to convenient locations for students living too far from the main campus to access GW’s leading resources and programs. These state-of-the-art locations attract students from the entire Washington D.C. metropolitan area, which includes nearby Virginia and Maryland. The programs provide technical and management education in specialized areas of interest for the engineering or business professional. As one of the oldest and largest programs of its kind in the United States, GW’s Online Engineering Programs continually updates its offerings in keeping with current worldwide re-engineering requirements and the rapid growth of technology.


The mission of The GW Online Engineering Programs Office is to deliver an integrated, rigorous program of research and teaching to managers of technology in industry, government, and international entities throughout the United States and around the world. By using advanced learning facilities in various convenient locations and the latest distance learning technology, we deliver a flexible, accessible learning experience that suits working professionals seeking to advance in their careers. In our higher education programs focusing on the latest managerial techniques and tools, based on comprehensive analysis of today’s technological organizations, students from a variety of settings prepare themselves for new professional opportunities in engineering-based projects.

Online Course Experience

Classes meet synchronously through Zoom, in collaboration with Blackboard, and are also recorded. Students and instructors are directly connected during class sessions, with live lectures and real-time interactions each week. All courses utilize Blackboard, which allows students to access all course-related content in one location. This includes lecture notes, supplemental reading material, class session recordings, and grades. Blackboard is also where students go to submit assignments and communicate with instructors and other students.

Academic integrity is promoted and maintained through three different services. Honorlock, a remote proctoring service, is utilized for exams. SafeAssign and Turnitin are used for anti-plagiarism and reviewing submitted materials.