Oluwatomi Adetunji, D.Eng.

Tomi Adetunji

Oluwatomi Adetunji, D.Eng.

Department: Engineering Management


Dr. Tomi Adetunji has over 20 years of diverse engineering experience, including cybersecurity, systems engineering, ship design and operations. He serves as a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for ICI Services. He is responsible for supporting and developing cybersecurity, systems engineering, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions for unmanned and autonomous systems. He also leads business development efforts and teams of experts that provide technical services to public sector clients. His technical expertise has led to significant program cost savings for public sector clients.  
He received awards from the Naval Sea Systems Command Program Executive Office Unmanned and Small Combatants and the Office of the Secretary of Defense for his technical and management contributions.   Dr. Adetunji has taught graduate courses in Cybersecurity, Systems Engineering, and Engineering Management at George Washington University (GWU) since 2018. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Marine Mechanical from SUNY Maritime College in Bronx, NY. Subsequently, he pursued a Master’s in Engineering Management and a Doctorate in Systems Engineering from GWU in Washington, DC. He holds industry cybersecurity and project management certifications from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI).  
Dr. Adetunji conducts research in Cybersecurity, Systems Engineering Obsolescence, Operations Research, Bayesian Belief Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. 

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